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December seemed quite quiet at tracker.

Recoveries 79

Highest Value Vehicle £110,000 Bentley Arnage.

£1,740,500 total for December.

3 x Impreza's
1 x Legacy (son stole keys!!!!)
No Lancers

15 cars taken using keys
8 taken with keys following burglary
1 taken with keys by violence.

19 Stolen up to £10,000
32 Stolen between £10 and amp; £20k
19 Stolen between £20 and amp; £30k
1 between £30 and amp; £40k
8 over £40k


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This is great data Jeremy - Where the hell did you get it?
It would be a great monthly feature if this is something you could accommodate.

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I am a Insurance Broker and I get the stats from Tracker every month, I will post them when I get them.

I have also tried to get stats from RAC Trackstar, Navtrack etc but as yet nothing has arrived


Randall Pace Insurance (01782 286311 plug- Yes we can do Lancers but for our scheme they have to be garraged and have Satellite tracking).
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