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Hi all,

I don't know if most of you have read my first post in the suspension section, but I'm one of the lucky few Americans to own an Evo. I'm even luckier since my has been modified by your goverment prior to entering this country, making it STREET LEGAL, and registerable (even got an American Tag for my vehicle). Mods were simple: Cat that's approved by the US emmissions standards, and speedometer were converted to MPH. Well, I didn't know if this was true or not, until later today. Well, partially I did, the speedometer definetely reads MPH, although I don't know if maybe all Evos are like that.

The second part is what has induced me to ask all you guys. After receiving my HKS Hiper cat back, together with downpipe and extension today, got so excited that decided to go outside and start taking the old stuff apart to fit the new one. WOW, tough bolts I tell you, very rusty; why can't the Japs just have stainless steel bolts? Anyways, after taking the covers off, undoing the bolts, etc, finally got to the fun stuff: impact gunning the bolts out. Nevertheless, ran in to one problem. The cat was there, and it has been welded to each end affixed to some weird bracket. Now, if I can catch the ******* that performed such an incompetent job, I would buy him a cup of tea while offering free sex with my wife... Not really (Well, I'm hoping you guys know that).

OK, quick question, probably the dumbest question ever: Will a magnex decat pipe work well with the HKS stuff? By that I mean, will it fit between with no probs? Does HKS make a decat?

Sorry for the stupidity. I'll probably be know now as the dumb yank with the an Evo...
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