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okay heres the story..

I took my 6 into Mitsi in Kingswood, Surrey and as well as a service I told them that there was a rattle coming from the rear of the car and could they investigate.

When I picked the car up they said that the rattling was a loose lower rear arm, drivers side and that they could fix it for 350 quid or thereabouts. That got me thinking as teh rattling I was complaining about was definitley not a suspension rattle... more like a tinny sounding rattle from the rear wing or boot lid. Ithought it strange that they had traced the rattling back to a suspension arm when the car has only done 10K miles.

When I got home I looked under the car myself. The drivers side rear lower arm had been cleaned a bit and there seemed to be a new bolt on it so they had actually looked at it or re-fastened it.

Anyway, cut a long story short. The car went to Motorwey in Putney the other day. I know the mechanic there and he looked at the car for 2 hours. He said that one of the arms was a bit loose but NO MORE LOOSE than their very own demonstrator so he was not even concerend about it. He said that to feel the play you literally have to hang your whole body off of the arm. To cap it all though, he said that the arm that was loose was the PASSENGER SIDE !!!

I don't really know what to make of this. When dealers are concerned I am always on the sceptical side (the only other one I use I have used for 10 years) but just to be on the safe side I will not be returning there.

Make of it what you will. Just thought I'd let you all know.

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Probably about par for the course. They see expensive motor and the dollar signs light up in the eyes....

I'm still waiting to see what Vincents are like in Yeovil. They are Ralliart approved but evo's are not exactly 10 a penny around here. Anyone tried them?
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