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took my evo 6 in for service yesterday and was told my front pads are a bit i knew how expencive brembo ones are(£258)!!!!he also told me that ralliart do a set for £94 however i can get ebc greenstuff for £58 which ones should i get


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I talked to another VI owner at the Boxhill meet last Saturday who said he got the standard E6 pads direct from Brembo for a fraction of the Ralliart price. Might want to call 'em and amp; check.


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Just a quick question......

Is it the kevlar pads which don't deposit brake dust on your alloys and are ebc the greenstuff items this sort of pad?

Only asking as I seem to spend most of my life cleaning my alloys only to find that they're filthy within a few miles border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >



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I fitted EBC greenstuff for the last Oulton Park trackday. The braking is good, not much dust BUT the squealing noise is terrible. I felt like having a race car but cheap brake pads. It goes off and on after a while.
(from ABP motorsport)


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I use EBC redstuff after having greenstuff fade on me too many times. THey are more expensive and arn't good from cold like green, but they last longer, can take more heat, and are still low dust. The best thing about the dust is that it washes straight off not like OE pads. As for sqealing I haven't had any problems there but that may be due to a liberal spreading of copperslip on the back of the pad.


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Fit the Brembo brake pads. Any other pad will wear quicker and produce squeeling. Steve, I was the one that you spoke to at Box Hill.... and it is true, you can get hold of the original pads for around £80 for the front and £60 for the rear. Oh yes |PLS| postage and packing.
If you phone Brembo direct they will put you in touch with the following:
Grand Prix Racewear Ltd
3 Fitzhammon Court
Featherstone Rd
Wolverton Mill
Milton Keynes
MK12 6LD

Product code Description
BRE107-5505-32 Brake pad rear evo V/VI
BRE107.7275.40 Brake pad front evo V/VI

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Thanks for the Info Whiteshark!
How the hell do Mitsubishi/Rallirat (hey I mistyped that but it looks better!) get away with charging over £250 for Brembo brake pads when you can get them for £80? Perhaps the fact that Rallirat suggest you fit their own set for £94 after you get over the shock of their Brembo price is a bit suspect?
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