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Detailed info and images here;
Disc Brakes Australia

DBA have approx 40% of the performance brake disc market in Australia and have been in business for more than 30 years.
There is no questioning the quality of the product.
There is a letter of commendation from Ralliart Australia available for interested parties.
Key advantages for Evo owners are superior cooling and fantastic resistance to warping/cracking!
5000 series are purpose built for fast road and track use and constructed with aircraft spec aluminium light alloy bells. Bell colours available are blue, red, black and gold.

The dealer network is now expanding across the UK and Europe, distributors Wallace Performance offer an exclusive deal to MLR members:
(prices are per grooved disc, including vat)

Evo IV, V, VI RS models RRP MLR
(15 inch wheels, 2 pot calipers)
Front disc £128.66 £115.79
Rear disc £160.39 £144.29

(16 inch wheels)
Front disc £144.53 £130.07
Rear disc £128.66 £115.79

(17 inch wheels, 4 pot brembo)
4000 series front disc £192.11 £172.90
5000 series front disc £285.53 £256.98
4000 series rear disc £128.66 £115.79

This is working on 10% discount. If we can get more than 15 pairs purchased discount will be 15%, 20 pairs 20% .

Some of the secret ingredients of a DBA 4000 & 5000 series performance disc rotor;
'Kangaroo Paw' is a patented hi-tech disc rotor ventilation system,designed and manufactured in Australia by Disc Brakes Australia.
The 'Kangaroo Paw' design features a series of 144 diamond and tear drop shaped pillars and columns, individually spaced between the rotor faces. This system provides two key advantages.
One advantage of this design is the ability to cool the rotor faster than ever before. This works on the same principal as an air-impeller, designed to extract hot air.
As the disc rotor rotates, aerodynamic turbulence around the individual pillars and columns is generated, increasing the force of hot-air out from within the internal areas of the rotor.
The second advantage is the increased dimensional stability across the disc rotor, directly achieved by the individually spaced pillars and columns.
These advantages increase the disc rotor's efficiency by as much as 20 per cent when compared to conventional rotor designs.
A 20 per cent increase in disc rotor efficiency, directly translates to reduced brake operating temperatures, brake fade, disc rotor stresses, disc thickness variation, run-out and shudder.
Importantly,customers fitting DBA 'Kangaroo Paw' rotors will benefit from significantly better braking performance and at no extra cost to the consumer or trade user.
This technology is specifically designed for the modern vehicle,covering a wide range of driving styles, from street use to 4WD, including high performance applications.
Kangaroo Paw technology is another example of Disc Brakes Australia's commitment to improve driving safety.

TSP (thermal stability profiling) is a propriety process specifically developed by DBA for improving the performance of disc brake rotors: Benefits of TSP include:-
Improved Fatigue resistance to minimise surface crazing
Reduce rotor fatigue during prolonged heavy braking
Quick replacement, minimal 'bedding-in' of rotors

Thermo-Graphic' markings are placed on the outer edge of each DBA 4000 / 5000 series disc rotor and are used to monitor the core temperatures that are achieved during braking application. All DBA 4000 / 5000 series rotors include 'Thermo-Graphic' markings.

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Just to add to this, Evo IV 5000 series discs (alloy bell) will be available in 30 days if we can secure 5 orders.

Special MLR price will be £450 pair, incl vat.

Normal retail will be £285.91 each disc (£571.82 pair)

These discs are the best available on the market in standard size.

Any interested parties please list names or let us know by PM, phone or email.
01224 708444, [email protected]

Just to add, we recommend ferodo ds2000 or ds2500 to compliment DBA discs.

Ds2500 prices when ordered with DBA discs;
Evo IV GSR fronts MLR £80 (rrp 92.48)
Evo IV GSR rears MLR £98 (rrp £112)

Evo V, VI, VII, VII GSR & RS-2 fronts MLR £140 (rrp £163)
Evo V, VI, VII, VII GSR & RS-2 rear MLR £55 (rrp £67)


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Just trying to make sure we have the correct bits listed for I-III's.
So far I have the rears sorted, I think £100.25 in grooved pattern.

Working on the fronts. Any clues as to what else they were fitted?
I have a disc that has exactly the right dimensions except one, overall height (depth) is 1.5 mm too big! :(
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