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Bought Practical Classics Mag by mistake (honest) the other day and who was lurking inside , yes our Darin !
There is a feature on classic turbo's (?) and Darin (photographed) provided a 2000 Turbo and wrote a little piece on it.
U didn't think we'd notice eh M8 ;)

Did u get 2 drive any of the others , I've always liked the BMW 2002 Turbo.

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I will have to get a copy!
BMW 2002ti is a great little motor and reliable too.
Almost considered a rally prepared Fulvia 1600HF a few months back, I must say if my Evo goes I will probably get one. Those Italians certainly know how to style cars and Fulvia is supposed to be really reliable. Couple that with no road tax and classic car insurance and it makes a cheap little run about that has 10 times more charisma than a....Carisma ;).

Anyone owned a Lancia Thema 8.32? I would like to see one up against a Lotus Carlton.

Just seen advertised an Integrale with only 6000 miles on the clock from new.....price ain't too bad either....tempted?...I am :)

Anyone want to buy an E6?

(grrrr at crappy TR6

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The Lancia 8.32 is FRONT WHEEL DRIVE............aaaaahhhhhhh !

I do like the BMW 2002 Turbo tho :) Wonder wot cud b done 2 that with some modern technology ?

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Hey - don't forgot the dreaded R word - esp with the Fulvia!

I really like the HF Fulvias - thought about getting one years ago - or a Lotus Sunbeam.

In the end bought a Lancer 2000 Turbo and never looked back.

Mind you still done a few kilometres of welding - old cars|EQU|rustbuckets

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My Uncle bought a 2002 Turbo from new, quite a quick car in its day. 2002ti was just the injection model despite the name. This was the car that started my performance car interest, (its got a lot to answer for!!).

I pulled up in one of the less desireable parts of Leeds the other day, when three young black lads stopped on their mountain bikes. thats a naughty, naughty car I was told. Now I known I`m not, down with the street but can anybody tell me if that was a dergogatory remark so I can justfy my subseqent actions. (joke). ;)

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Heave Ho Six,

The Integralle was and still is a very attractive car (to me). I use to
have one ( well over 300 BHP, lowered suspension, 18' wheels ....) and I still believe
it was quicker on both straights and corners than my Subaru STi and my E6TME.
Reliability wise was 10 times worse though ...

Nice car and I still miss it but I reckon that I lost about 3 years of my life trying to
keep it in a good mechanical condition.

To me the Integralle is a car prone to many problems.



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I wouldn't have even dreamed of getting an Integrale a year ago because I also thought they were just trouble on wheels but I have found a specialist near by (Richard Thorne) and I have heard that the later ones (E2) were much better reliabilty wise (sorry there's the R word again ;)).
I have heard from or spoken to at least 4 or 5 people now who have had an Integrale and then an Evo and guess how many prefered the Integrale? All of 'em!

No! FWD really! bugger that then! Still basically a Ferrari for £7500? If it goes wrong throw it away ;)

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I've owned a 'Grale for about 2.5 years now. And I must tell you that Alex is partially correct. These cars DO cost a lot of money to keep in top condition, I always keep about 2k in the bank, just in case..... You must remember that these are old cars which require a lot of care, but are beautiful and ( ducking the flames ) have an unparalleled rally history. Before you consider Richard Thorne's car, i'd suggest you look around as there's a few specialists in your area with much better reputations. Buy a good EVO 2 and you'll never regret it!

Good Luck!

Edit: some useful sites.


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The integrale (E2) comes with about 215 BHP as standard. If you are coming from the Mitsubishi EVO bacground
I am pretty sure you will need, at least, some power upgrades :) I am saying this before sometime ago I test drove
an E2 yellow integrale at Richard Thorne's and that was a great dissapointment in terms of power compared to
my 250 BHP Subaru STi that I later decided to buy. What I am trying to say is that if you want to bring it to a similar
spec to a later evo car you need to spend some (probably serious) money. Then, reliability wise it is most likely that
you will still be far-far from the Evo.

Being an owner of both (a very fast, heavily moded integrale and a normal E6TME) I think I would choose any time between
the two and without any hesitation.

Both cars are great but reliability was always a great concern to me.

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I must admit if I got an Integrale it would be run as second car, there would be no way I would have it as an only car unlike my Evo.
Given the problems that I have had with my Evo then saying an Evo is reliable to me is incorrect. I know my problems were probably only a one off (although other people have experienced them but not all on one car like me) and my problems are probably now over (touch wood) but even so with, 3 what I would class as major faults in a year, 2 due to the factory and design (and thats not even counting the warped discs) then I don't class an Evo as reliable.
Anyway I decided I long time ago not to vent my views on here about the Evo and still do have my Evo even after it was up for sale simply because it is a good car and I would be hard pushed to find anything better but an Integrale may be my cup of tea ;)

Its good to hear from some Integrale owners (I know Blade also had one).

As for the £2k in the bank for faults then I did exactly the same when I bought my Evo (actually it was £5k, Jap parts you see ;)). Never did I realise I would need well over....well I won't say as it's depressing but it went into the reserve-reserve funds :(
I am no stranger to old cars as I have owned a few classics and restored one, getting your hands dirty is all part of the ownership experience in my book. I can never understand the people who just drive their cars and let the garage top up the windscreen washer bottle if you know what I mean! (no offence intended to anyone).
The Integrale is indeed an icon thats why I love it! I followed one the other day and I thought who's got the better car, me or you? and I thought you have you git!
Buy a good EVO 2 and you'll never regret it!
Do you know there are many people I have heard say that or have said they have regreted selling one!
What decent Integrale dealers/garages do you know down south? (Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, W.Sussex area mainly but further away if decent). I know Walkers, Whalley are the main ones, any others worth mentioning? (Omicron?)
Also why do you say there are better ones than RT , whats exactly wrong with RT? It would be interesting to know. Email me if you don't want to say on here.

Sure the integrale only has 215bhp as standard (you didn't mention the torque though, E2 roughly 230lb/ft which is impressive) but the point of the Integrale as I understand it (this is from what I have heard from many people) is driver involvement which I personally think the Evo 6 is lacking. The Integrale may be slower but if its more involving to drive with equal handling to an Evo then its a better car than an Evo in my book. Of course I would need to drive one to know that for sure and there is a lot of differences between a good Integrale and a bad one! As an owner what do you think?
I have looked into the mods front of the Integrale before (Whalley has a good site and Walkers) and the ultimate is a full Group A engine and drivetrain upgrade for roughly £8-£9k which is not entirely cheap (340bhp but don't ask about the torque, it would make an Evo weep!). The Group A is probably not something I would do but I understand you can get 270bhp and over 300lb/ft fairly easily for less than a £1k (after that you need the internals upgrading).
I did enquire about a red E2 at Richard Thornes a while back but only really asking if was prepared to do a P/X on my E6 (well you have to ask don't you ;)) and he basically said I would be better off selling privately (doh I knew that!). Anyway I didn't sell my E6 but now I starting to wonder again about an Integrale.

Anyway enough of War and amp; Peace, I should be doing the FAQ's ;)

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If u do buy 1 , I know some1 who can (and has) converted them 2 right hand drive , b4 u ask , it's not cheap !
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