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cute baby owl and baby peregrine and harris

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baby harris's

baby peregrine

doing the john wayne walk :D draw your gun u varmint :D

and they turn in to these when their older

lil owl

harris hawk

peregrine the fastest bird on the planet

that even pakistan named their nuclear weapon after it the SHAHEEN

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jetskidia said:
Have you got yourself a Harris yet :confused:

I've still got those books sat here ;)

BTW, Although it's unoffocial, there was a story going around that a Saker was timed quicker than a Peregrine :eek: ;)
lol no way a peregrine broke another record in america 250 mph :D

no bull

sakers are ok peregrines are the real deal

mate still training for a harris i borrowed my mates luggar saker falcon for a week

what a birdm, im trying to sell my new house at the mo chris, part of the reason i havent got one yet, i dont wanna build a mews and then dismantle it

God willing when i move into my newhouse im gonna build 3 of them one for a harris , a european eagle owl and maybe another bird

and a shed for breeding quails for food like my mate brian does

and lol sure mate i will get those books aff u for sure :)

and thanks guys their awesome birds, i luv birds of prey, i just got some lovebirds inthe weekend too for the lil one, have to start her from somewhere :D seed eating birds

peregrines endangered maybe long time ago bud not anymore, so many people breed them and their so many in the wild its scotlands native bird :coolsm: the pakistani peregrines are similiar but slightly different shades

peter their other members in the falconry club, they belong to them :)

lol @ scratch trust me a cat try to fight a harris or a peregrine it wont know what its going at :D if the hawks and the falcon get one grib, cats gonna get ripped :D
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Daz_213 said:
They eat spoons??

Cant be much nutritional value in a spoon.
:crackup: haha nice one

mickey yes only way a cat can beat a falcon or a hawk is if its tied down the perch if its loose the hawk or falcon will defend itself possibly eat it thiking its a rabbit specially a red tail, harris or a saker :D peregrine will just kill it, it likes birds more than ground prey

hawk will grab it by the talons and crunch its spine or even drop it

u know the eagles kill fox;s and wolves

give me a few hrs will locate the pics and show u eagles killing foxs and wolves

and not just that a first ever a falcon killing a deer in dubai :D
T Makinnen said:

That Peregrine looks one mean little dude, guess he/she needs to be to servive in Glasgow :crackup:
lol it sure does my friend , remember one thing in birds of prey the female is much bigger than the male and more aggressive

the suicide bomber of them al is the goshawk, its ******* mental

from the falcons best hunters are peregrines and hybrid falcons aka part this and that

a peregrine, gyr or gyr/saker etc

or peregrine saker, best of both worlds
true bud but khazaks do it for sport too :D

i will def get the pics up , their in the house

and also bud


look at the dont **** with me eyes

i call it the jihad bird or jihadi bird

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sorry this is the biggest i could find here

thats a wolf

see their trained to hunt them, they dont hunt them naturally

but they do take a bite if they like it, they munch it
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here poor lil wolverine gets it from the birdman

its sad , coz khazaks are mostly muslims and dont eat wolves i dont know why they need to kill them, its sickening, its not allowed, maybe their killing their sheep

here is foxy

check the talons out for **** sake

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here is another scots native bird a sea eagle bigger than the american bald eagle

it was nearly extinct one time so they bred another 10 pairs and let them loose and another 20 pairs are surviving in scotland now

u might have seen fresia and her mate and chicks itchy and scratchy in springwatch

same species as these, we also have ospreys


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Wayne-Reading said:
eagles have to be one of the most proud looking animals about, that last pic of the eagle looks very cool moo.

they are bud the kings of the skies :) amazing mate

u mean the osprey or the last eagle one swooping down a fish

here is a proud bald eagle the american symbol as well

another sea eagle

king of eagles

golden eagle
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a beautiful tawny owl a native british one

see how it mixes in

bengal eagle owl

european eagle owl

these are huge

snowy owl the harry potter fave

makes me sick parents went and bought these owls and kept them in shitty cages when u need a massive mew or avairy and then they neglect them

some died and some were handed into the rescue

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a baby wild owl

my mate brian rescued one like this but put it back coz rspca will fine u 2k if u hand it to them they will keep it in a cage till it gets old

it was lying on the ground and any fox would have eat it, must have fallen of a branch

next day it was still their on the branch where he left it, it was lost, sad u cant even take them to care for them

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if u wanna know something about falconry check this site out

some words used for tools and stuff are different from english ones, arabs call it other stuff

here is a mean gyr/shaheen a middle eastern bird half bred with a pakistani shaheen

looks a mean motherfecker it sure is :D

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Wayne-Reading said:
very cool infomation and pics moo, they are truely beautifull animals dude, i took that pic of the last 1, the big black 1 with its wings spread, put it on desktop :coolsm: , anyway, last post from me ( 20 posts out of 20 now) untill i get paid hehe need to register, so if you dont hear from me till the end of the month take care, and see you all soon :D

lol mate your welcome we shall speak again, hurry up and pay up :D
here is a red tail buzzard, ******* mental thing to man or tame in the common tongue :D

it foots u aka stamp its talon or tries to take your finger off, still tame compared to a ferriginous hawk

red tails luv slaughtering hare, rabbits and squirrels

harris hawks are mans best friend their the best

females are huge these are small

red tail

here is a ferruginous hawk if it wanted will take your finger off

the female would but will have to be at it for a bit of time :D but certainly rip the skin aff and pinkie has no chance

once manned their cool

my mate brian just bought one, it wasnt for sale it nearly killed the male bird while breeding, hmm tell me something new about females :D and hormones and periods :D

and the falconry sold it coz it was dangerous for breeding and be among male ferru hawks

if u live in chapelhall or near it, give me a shout and u can meet brians birds

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most non falconers always get this bird mixed up with an eagle, oh i saw an eagle hmm

its a common buzzard uks wild bird in the countrysides, its tame in comparison with anything else out their a nip is like a lil pinch

a nice bird a lazy bird it mostly likes carrion its a lazy hunter but will hunt if need be

u can get them for a 100 quid

a good pet but for only those who know falconry

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kuzwing aww man never ever seen a red kite before bud, so beautiful :D

mate im a student aka novice when it comes to falconry :D im learning at the moment

jetskidia aka chris is a full blown falconer :) i think he used to breed harris hawks
Re: Red Kite

kuzwing said:
Here,s one of our local birds, got quite a few breeding now I am just looking into doing the full blown falconry courses if you got any pionters moses.
mate i know a few lads who are doing a few courses will check who is closer to u

their doing falconry courses to run a falconry, u can go to any falconry place if u wanna learn how to look after a bird, enter it and weight management etc etc

for those who dont know weight management is a must

the hawk or falcon associate u with good, unless its imprinted aka meaning its not been parent reared and u reared it yourself took it away from its mummy and daddy, it will think u are the parent and will be very close to u and obediant but problem is coz it thinks your a parent it will be very noisy when it needs food it will call for u all the time , while if it thinks your just a human, u need to earn their trust if its a parent reared one and it will know your a human and u need to man it and also put it on a controlled diet when training

so it will fly back to u, and in the beginning u will need to try to get it to fly or jump to your glove and make sure it gets its daily food ration on your glove

so when u see people flying birds when it comes back to them, they reward them with a piece of meat

and u never ever hunt with a bird not on a diet and if its been eating alot , u need to cut its food a day before it goes out on the hunt and feed it while its catching rabbits, birds etc etc and reward it

im learning at the moment myself, its a ******* art

i advise if u dont have time for a bird dont buy one, i kept one for a week its alot of hard work it stopped me rushing into getting one till im fully trained and have time to train a young one instead of buying an older one

best get a young one never been trained and u do it yourself

jet and kuz would tell u its hard work and its awesome when their trained :)
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Re: sparrowhawk

kuzwing said:
Thanks moses this one uses my garden quite often as its hunting ground think its a female sparrow hawk or could even be a gosshawk but you can see why it takes so long to learn to handle these mental bird.
very nice bud its a sparrowhawk is it quite small it can be confusing coz their eyes are similiar we call them shikra's in urdu and punjabi :D

lol nice pic of the pigeon too haha :D
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