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Done some searching on here and haven't found something directly related.

I am located n the US and doing an EVO conversion (AWD floorpan swap). Would rather try to make a custom fuel pump + gauge hanger set up than tracking down a hard-to-find factory one and refurbishing it.

I have an EVO 4/5 fuel tank, but only the factory EVO 4-6 fuel level sender hanger (on US driver side, UK/JAP passenger side). Missing the EVO hanger with the fuel pump/fuel level sender combination.

Have drawn up a simple custom hanger using the non-EVO Mirage/Lancer fuel hanger that only has a fuel pump. Plan on just using the plate to fit on the fuel tank, but modifying everything else.

Figure I can tap in some bulkhead fittings for feed, return, and siphon while using aftermarket floatless fuel level senders on both sides to read fuel level on both sides of the saddle tank.

How would the wiring work? Specifically for two aftermarket fuel level senders readings going to one gauge on the instrument cluster?

I read on my searches the ohms range of each of the factory fuel level senders and read about how they work in a series.

If I have a factory EVO fuel tank wiring harness (MR445099) plugged in from the rear seat area, can I just modify the connectors to fit each of the aftermarket fuel level senders so they would read them in a series to interpret to one fuel level gauge on the EVO 4-6 instrument cluster.


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