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Hi Guys,

I am looking to get the handling sorted on my E6 before chucking loads more power at it so set up gurus into your starting blocks!!

The handling is good at the moment, but I am looking to increase corner speeds and mid corner poise.

I find the car can suffer power on understeer in mediumsharp corners that are taken at full attack, requiring lift off on the throttle to induce oversteer. This is great fun but not the quickest way through the bends. On very high speed bends taken flat the car feels light (floaty if you know what I am saying) and I don't really want to lift off in these situations as it will involve a nasty altercation with the scenery.

My current test track is the TT mountain course (ref: nasty altercation with the scenery). Anyone who has driven this will know it is awesome with a good combination of different elevations, flat and cambered corners etc, etc. Most beneficial is no speed limit and no traffic if you go out at the right times. It's like having your own MIRA in ya backyard!

Currently running ralliart 2 point front and rear strut braces and Steve Hill have set up the geometry.

I have already purchased Cusco 4 point front, 2 point front and 2 point rear underside braces to stiffen the shell further, although these have not been fitted yet cause they ain't arrived.

Has anyone had experience of using the Cusco front and rear antiroll bars, on their own or combined with the above components? (Apart from Blade, although your help will be invaluable matey).

What thickness of bar did you use as there are 3 available, largest being 25mm I think?

Tuning the rear antiroll, what settings? My understanding (some what limited) is that you use the rear anti roll bar to aid turn in by effectively pre-loading the suspension.

So what is the best setting to make the turn in sharper but not insane? There are 3 settings for the rear bar I believe.

Is it better to use a combination of bars? eg 23mm front, 25mm back because of the current understeer. What effect will an uprated front antiroll bar make, apart from less body roll?

Is it a waste of time putting uprated antiroll bars in, without adjustable dampers, cause you can't set the corner weights up, therefore making existingpotential handling defects worse?

I know that adjusting the rear toe has an effect on turn in, but this approach I have been told, is for experienced drivers who don't mind having a twitchy car. This I don't want. Neutral and balanced please!

Any help appreciated and sorry if I have rambled a bit. This strikes me as a fairly complex topic and I guess I really want to know how all the variables interact.



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Can someone please help on this. I didn't think it was that much of a daft set Of Questions!



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Tony as you have this equipment fixed to your car would you please comment on the Questions posed by EVO6RSS as I to would like to have the benefit of your experience with this equipment.

Like EVO6RSS I am considering fitting all of the lower and upper equipment mentioned.

With reference to the following web site would you be able to explain the benefit\differences of installing Cusco Lower-Armbar Type 1 and Lower Armbar Type 2 and do you recommend both , I am assuming that type 1 is a two point lower brace and type 2 is a 4 or 5 point lower brace , do you fit both ?

What benefits to fitting both rather than just type 2 ?

Lower 2 Point Anti Roll bars - what are the differences on the road between the 23mm bar and 25 mm bar ?

What do you recommend for front and back ?

Many thanks for your input

EVO6RSS - have you progressed any further with this ?



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If you use stiffer anti-roll bar, shocks, springs at the rear you will increase the tendency to oversteer and reduce understeer.
And visaversa, if you soften the rear or stiffen the front anti-roll bar, shocks, springs, you will increase the tendency to understeer and reduce oversteer. This is a simplistic answer.

You could also reduce understeer by fitting an uprated front LSD.

Any Strut braces, lower braces etc will help keep the geometry stable under stress and improve handling and grip.
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