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I'm on the verge of buying 2 Cusco Diffs, one for the front which has an open diff at the moment (6 GSR) and one to replace the AYC Diff.
Today I read the article in the wastegate chatter magazine about the Norris Evo and it was mentioned that the replacement Cusco diffs are very noisey making metallic knuckle-cracking noises!

Does anyone know if this is normal after changing to Cusco diffs, if anyone has a Cusco diff fitted can you tell me if it is more noisey than standard and is the ND car unusual in this respect.

If they are much noisier than standard can anyone recommend another aftermarket LSD type diff that can be fitted front and rear for a similar price.


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There are lots of different cusco diffs - noise will vary depending on how aggressive the diffs are set.

I have the Ralliart S2 1.5 way front LSD and uprated centre diff. These are not noisy, and work really well.

you could go this route, and get the RS mechanical rear diff, and new driveshalfts instead, though this combo will cost quite a bit more.

The raliart diff is £2k inclusive.
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