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Hi, ive been reading ure board for a while now but didnt know i could post without being a member! So before that privalige gets taken away i'll give my 2p worth...

U may remember a Black 6 (reg R100SSY) bown Bolney? Well that was me. Thought id get meself i parked behind Yellow5! Im 20, race a Yammy R6 and amp; got my Evo a few months ago, mods so far...

Mongoose 3 de-cat exhaust
K and amp;N induction
Eibach springs
Forge intercooler
Forge dump valve

NEway, just though id say hi and amp; i'll see U all up Boxhill on the 7th...

P.S played with a new M3 2day, need new brake pads...NE suggestions?

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Dark Destroyer,

I was the Icelle Blue EVO 6 racing you the other day.

Enjoyed the little burn down Boxhill.

I will see you on the 7th.


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Dark Destroyer, I was the reims blue parked next to u, didnt speak to u though i dont think, brought ex bird with me and she wanted to walk around - Im new to this crowd too though.
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