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i have just had hte chance to try my 700 easy-miles new. i have used them with some DS2500 pads at the front and mintex racing blue brake fluid.

i have done 5-6 laps to start and then gave them plenty of time to cool down. after that i was out for maybe 20 fun laps at the time. although i am not that hard on my brakes there they seemed be good, and coped well.

the only problem that i am having is a slight vibration under braking very slight that happens only when i brake from really high speed 120mph etc..:D . did not get any worse in track, it started before i went to track when i swaped the tyres over the rims as the putside edge was really worn :D. i am not sure if it is from hte discs or from the tyres. any suggestions??

the ds2500 seemed to come very well as well, however they have a strange looking red dust!!

i think i need some breaded hoses next instead of hte standard. does anyone if they do them for hte 7 yet?
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