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hey all

as topic, there seems to be something wrong with my car.

when i step on the accelerator, the boost just kicks off to wherever itwants. its like i got unlimited boost or something. the other day it was peaking at 1.9bar. the only mods i have is a pod, exhaust and bleed valve that was set at 0.9 bar. now i've shut it off and it ran 0.6 for a night, but now its going crazy again.

are there anything i should be looking for? would i have damaged the engine in anyway? the only thing that did happened was the intercooler pipe poped.

any help?

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think I saw this on the 'gsr forums' ?

number of possible causes.... a few listed below:
1. knackered turbo actuator...change & see
2. boost creep.
...port the waste-gate and fit a bigger flap
or change the housing for a custom made item
3. don't reconnect the bleed valve
best to use a Dawes device/ other ballbearing & spring product
or fit an electronic boost controller
4. check all boost and vacuum pipes
5. check the boost solenoid which is situated under the battery tray

edited to say:
as per mike's post.....
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