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Crankwalk evo 4

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I have an evo 4. I've had it since 2016. Japanese import. It's done 39k and I've had to replace the clutch slave cylinder, the crank pulley and a few other bits. It's a great car to drive. I haven't meddled with the ecu. Not mapped it. Left it alone.
I keep hearing about crankwalk which I gather will destroy the engine.
Can this be prevented?. I don't want really to get another engine.
I really like this car and so do many other people
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Hi mate, you can get the thrust washers changed, get the end float of the crank
checked I cant remember the tolerances shouldnt be too difficult to find out.

Cheers Kev
Make sure your clutch is adjusted correctly on the pedal.
You should have sufficient free play at the top of the pedal. This makes sure the master cylinder port is open and the clutch isn't always "slightly on".
id be very inclined to leave it well alone if its lasted this long its not going to go wrong now ,its 27 year old engine ,its doing very well
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