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Crail (this sunday)

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Anyone from here attending this???
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Once the weather cleared up and the sun came out it was all good!
Saw a few nice evos there,couple on the oval.
jamesnunn said:
Decided to take the evo 1 on the track even though it wasnt idleing properly. Was better than standing out in the rain! Only managed to do four runs because it was way too busy and everyone was skipping the line. Had a race against my old nissan pulsar and beat him, so all is good. :)
Was that u in the black evo 1 ??
I was sitting at bottom of 1/4 mile watching if so.
jamesnunn said:
Yes that was me.
Was the only early evo there.
Looked good mate.
D2 said:
Look out for my mate barbour in his new silver mr fq 300

im not going im gonna go to the motoRShow at the aecc tommorrow instead ;) try convert some fordy owners :crackup:
Think this could have been parked across from me at the back of the oval, looked sweet
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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