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Just bought this EVO 5 in Central America. It was imported and converted to LHD(mandatory per local import laws) in 2014 and was a completely stock vehicle from Japan...from what the PO told me. Couldn't be happier with the vehicle. Has a huge build list. It's my first EVO and I'm 40. I own several turbo Subarus, but they're all in Texas. Was trying to figure out the production date ??? Hence why I included the vin.
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yes they are Rays wheels but not authentic…some kind of re-pop knock-off imitations…but all the casting details are correct lol. I’ll list the mods separately
It's translated from Spanish so some things might translate a little odd.

  • Block * Original crankshaft std Pistons and rings JE 85.5mm (9.0: 1) Manley I-beams TurboTuff cranks Complete distribution of Evo's Girdle 9 OEM oil pump Head harp Bench harp Clevite bearing kit (mainframe and connecting rods) Complete kit of original gaskets Evo 8 Oil Filter Base Balance Shaft Removal Kit Tomei oil baffle
  • Head * Supertech Valve Springs and Plates GSC valve guides GSC Zero Thick Divers Supertech valve seals Supertech Black Nitride Valves Kelford 272 camshafts Original retainers kit HKS adjustable pulleys Pulley cover
  • Clutch set * Competition Clutch Ultra Lightweight Flywheel for Evo 8 Set Competetion Clutch Stage 4 ceramic 6 paddles
Exhaust Manifold FullRace ProStreet Equal Length 3 "catback muffle HKS Silent test pipe and catalyst with vband gauges (the downbipe and the screamer covered in thermal tapes) SpeedFactory Titanium Manifold Screws
  • Cooling * Evo 8 Oilcooler Radiator Evo 5 Koyorad Radiator hoses in silicone Slim SPAL fan Cooling Plate Evo 5-6 Beatrush Laile Camshaft Sensor Covetor Kozmic
  • Intercooler * Intercooler ETS 3 "in / ou 2.5" Intercooler pipes in 2.5 4 "intake with K&N filter All Clampco piping strips
  • Turbo-Boost * Turbo Precision 5558 JounalBearing Steel line inlet and outlet kit AN10 to connect OEM to the crankcase Tial Q relief valve (original) External wastegate Tial MVS 38mm (original) Hallman Pro Boost Controller Manual (high boost) Boost and vacuum lines in silicone
Fuel AMS rail High 1000cc ID Injectors Deatschwerks Reusable Fuel Filter (Element) Gasoline lines in -6AN Deatschwerks gasoline pump Methanol AEM Kit FuelLab fuel regulator
  • Brakes and Suspension * Front and rear pads Project Mu HC800 Goodridge front and rear steely lines Motul RBF660 Fluid Coilover Ksport Kontrol Pro for Evo 5 HKS Kansai front upper bar HKS Kansai rear upper bar Lower front subframe Cusco GMB front horns
  • Tires and Rims * Zestino Acrova 225 / 25R17 TW280 Copy Volk Rays CE28N 17x9 hoops Yokohama AVS Model6 17x8 Hoops
Electronics Sparktech Single Coil Kit Kit for Speed density with Map Omni 4bar (SpoolinUp harness was used to avoid cutting the MAF) Evo 8 Computer Wideband AEM Autometer Oil Clock Boost Autometer Clock Trunk battery with CAMCO plastic box Deatschwerks relay kit for fuel pump
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But wait, there's more:

Others Patalla Pioneer AVH-X2750BT AMS gear knob Tomei coil cover Motor Shock Absorber Evo valve cover 8 fittings -AN10 and catchcan with lines -AN10 Aluminum oil cap VMS Tein engine cover compensators Pioneer Carrozzeria Speakers Halogens Piaa Edition Rally Philips Diamond Vision 5000K main bulbs Citylights Osram amber

* Liquids * Penngrade 20w50 motor oil Redline box oil Redline transfer oil Redline differential oil Coolant Motul Inugel Optimal
Jah the turbo is very unhappy and currently wasted but still a blast to drive. Planning to pull it sunday and have it replaced the following business week…we shall see
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