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an insurance question but not an evo one!!

Right..... car is in the dealers next week for brake stuff (again!!!), and instead of hassling members of the family for lifts to and from work etc etc......i decided to ask for a courtesy car.

Either pay Mits 12.50 to go on there insurance (to be covered fully comp) or i arrange a cover note with my insurance company to cover me for the day, again has to be fully comp.

So i phone em (Bedford Insurance), and the chap said that you cant do that cos the car is not registered in my name, they have "no insurance interest" in the car so it is not possible to get a cover note for one day for this courtesy car, or any other car for that matter, unless it was in my name.

Strange that cos i know tesco did it last year for me, and brother did it with i think elephant.

Any of you folk had the same problem???? Or did was i told poo??? :confused:

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