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I have owned my car for two years now and I have been slowly making upgrades.

I want to list what my mods are in hopes someone can point me on the right direction regarding how much boost and if I should have something else done.

I have no unrealistic expectations about numbers but it would be nice to know if someone has a similar set up what numbers you are getting. For right now upgrading the turbo and forging the block are out of the question.

Evo 4 Engine with 65,000 miles

Air Induction
- Blitz Intake
- Blitz BOV
- Blitz SUS Power Filter
- Stock TD05 twin scroll turbo but was installed about 3 years ago

- Evo 9 stock coil packs
- PGR7A Spark plugs
- Plasma booster 2000 ( I think its only for the battery )

- Tomei Turbo Elbow
- Tomei 3" Down pipe
- Tomei Decat
- Custom Exhaust combined from HKS muffler and other exhaust pipes.

Fuel Delivery
- RC 750cc Injectors
- Walbro 255 fuel pump
- AEM Fuel Rail with Regulator gauge.

- Evo 6 ECU ( ECU FLASHED to 1.8 bar ) mapped by Lee5


- Pro Sport boost gauge
- Pro Sport Oil Pressure
- Pro Sport Wideband AFR

- Stage 2 Twin Disc

Any suggestions or comments on what should I be able to achieve once it's all installed? Keeping in mind this is a stock block...
Cheers :beerchug:

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don't know alot about an evo 4 mate, but what i can gather from threads i've read about them before is that most people would either buy a 5 or 6 engine then mod it mate..... don't think the 4 engine is capable of holdin' much power before you get major problems mate :blah:

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Was the Evo 6 ECU mapped on your car or did you get it with a generic map ?
Was the ECU scaled for 750cc injectors ?

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I bought the ecu and the 750 injectors from lucky number 7, he had them installed. I know I will definitely wont be pushing anything past 1.5 bar safely. I am curious as to what other people are doing.

I dont have the option of just picking up an E5 or E6 engine as all the older evos are very rare here in Germany.

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id down scale the INJECTORS there way over kill for a stock engine ,id up the plugs as well to 8s 7s are OK but not brilliant

also depending on fuel i wouldnt keep the boost cranked up to 1.5 bar this could be asking for trouble 1.2 bar is as safe as most want

power wise id have said 320 ish with the boost cranked up 340 ish

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Some people say to use this injectors and some say to down scale, The ecu has been tunned for this injectors already and I plan to keep it at around 1.5 bar. Now my engine has not done a whole lot of miles for its age. It only has about 60k so thats very good for a car this old. I do think that later down the road I will be upgrading the pistons and rods but I am not sure to what just yet.

Turbo will be upgraded as well down the road.

I am curious of what kind of numbers I will be achieving at 1.5 bar. I am currently running .98 bar with another plug and play ecu and stock injectors as well as stock fuel pump

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When you say you have a stage 2 twin disk clutch, do you mean a twin plate?

From what I've read, when you up the power and run stiffer clutches on 4 engines that's is when crank walk occurs.

When our car was 1st built it had exactly that problem. It then had everything transferred over to and evo 5 block and has been fine ever since.
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