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It's amazing what you think of when you are bored.

Can the front chin spoiler on an Evo V be replaced with that of the Evo VI (and for that that matter the rear spoiler too). Apart from the Evo V decals, how different would the cars look? (and yes, I know the fogs would have to be changed).

Told you I was bored...

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The short answer:
Yes, sort of and the same.
The long answer:
The E6 front bumper uses the exact same fitting points as the E5 so it would be a direct swap. Obviously you would have to fiddle with the fogs etc.
The rear boot spoiler on the E6 has different fixing points than the E5 and if you fitted one on an E5 you would be left with about 7 or 8 visible holes in the boot lid.
I have all the workshop manuals for the E4, 5 and 6 with the E6 manual being a supplement to the E4/5 manuals. It is amazing the extent of the changes between the 5 and the 6 when I originally thought it was only minimal!
However if you change the the spoilers for the E6 items then they will look identical but why stop at the E6? Get the TME front spoiler and chin and go the whole hog! do them.

Thinking of getting a 5 then Indy?

Btw I'm taking your old motor to the Southern Rolling Road day so I will let you know how it gets on.

Note the new reg. mate.


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Same size as the backing plate/bracket, well it might be 5-10mm more each side. I wanted that size to make sure it was definitely LEGAL!
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