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Just to answer one of the FAQ's can E0, 1800 GSR, E1-4 and E7 owners answer the following please:
(Note please only quote the manufacturers tyre pressures on the GSR's)

Lancer 2000 Turbo
Tyre Size: 175/70 R14
Tyre Pressure: F? R?

1800 GSR
Tyre Size: 195/60 R14
Tyre Pressure: F? R?

Tyre Size: 195/55 R15
Tyre Pressure: F? R?

Tyre Size: 205/55 R15
Tyre Pressure: F? R?

Tyre Size: 205/55 R15
Tyre Pressure: F? R? (assume the same as E2)

Tyre Size: 205/60 R16
Tyre Pressure: F? R?

Tyre Size: 235/45 R17
Tyre Pressure: F? R? (assume the same as the TME but you never know as the E7 is fatter ;))

Thanks :)

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I think it is 30 R, 31F for the the Evo 1. There is a sticker on the inside door B post, but I haven;'t got the car at the moment to check.


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Thats what you say Paul :D
Actually it will be kgf/cm² not bar border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
Cheers matey :)

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Tyre pressure stickers only read in bar or KPA on Mitsubishi Vehicles

EVO 5 REAR 1.9bar Front 2.2 bar
EVO 6 As above

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Ta but I know the E5/ says it on mine ;)

Come on LT/E1/2/3/4/7 owners this is to help out all the other newbie owners!!!
I reckon the E1/2/3 will be the same as 1800GSR, the E4 and E7 the same as the E5/6 but I need confirmation.

....mind you E7's are fat

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Thanks colie.

Just need LT, E1-3 and E7 please (TonyC can you confirm E1?, I think you are right as it is the same as the 1800GSR)

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Yeah it's funny isn't? I mean all people have to do is look at the sticker on the door B-pillar and write what it is on here and considering most people use their cars every day....;)

LT and amp; E1-E3 to go.

What does it say on your sticker on the door B-pillar? It should at least confirm the E1 pressures.

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I am an Evo 2 owner and:

195/65R15 91H 2.0 1.8 Kgf/cm2
205/60R15 91H 2.0 1.8 Kgf/cm2
205/55R15 87V 2.0 1.8 Kgf/cm2

So there you go.

I have 16 inch wheels and I just stick 30 all round.


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can some1 clear a point for me,
what is Kgf?
killo grams per ?????
is it the same as Kg/cm, if so kg/cm x 14.22|EQU|psi
what does the f stand for?
F ed if i know.

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Evo 1,
The f stands for force. i.e. 1kgf/cm2 is 1 kg force / centimetre squared.

It is used to differentiate between the kg (which is a unit of mass) and the kgf (which is a unit of force)

Hope this clears it all up

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