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I need the correct suspension settings for a 5 GSR(all the numbers - toe, camber, etc). I have just put in the whole drivetrain so everything is out of whack.
I have height adjustable suspension which confuses the hell out of me when trying to set a decent ride height. My advice is to get rid of it !

Please email the settings to [email protected]

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I will have a look at my E4/5 Workshop Manual tonight and let you know. Please post on here if you get the information in the mean time.

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I've been recommended to try:
fr.toe in 2mm, camber -2dgr each side, rear toe in 0mm, camber -1dgr each side.

These are 'fast road setup' for Evo 4,5 and amp; 6.

Hope this helps.

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The settings for the Evo 5 from the workshop manual state:

Toe in mm : -3 ~ 3
Camber (selectable from 2 options) : -1º00'±30' or -2º00'±30' (difference between left and right wheel: less than 30')
Caster : 3º54'±30' (difference between left and right wheel: less than 30')
Kingpin Inclination : 14º18'

Toe in mm : 3 ± 2
Camber :-1º00'±30'
Rear Thrust Angle : 0º00'±30'

As I stated these are the Workshop Manuals settings for the 5 (the 4 is slightly different) although you may want to try settings as suggested in other postings.
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