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From what i can tell so far from the evo. It "can" be tail happy. Only on hard steering as too much angle and perhaps low temperature tyres i've come across. If driven like a rwd car it can perform as such.

Being in hot/cold australia i can really spot the differences because our climatic changes are very very irratic.

I found it is very hard to get the tyre temperatures even. Rarely the rear tyres get warm enough.

I am using the nastiest of the nasty being Falken ziex. 235/17/45
tyre pressure 36psi. Buddy Club P1's. On standard suspension.

On warm days with lighter steering angles and a bit more faith in your tyres they can actually grip on mild throttle.

Sounds a bit noob. But i'm still fairly new to the evo and do drive it vigorously to entirely experiance the car. :p

I know we over here in OZ do have crappy service and parts here but luckily enough the evo handles damn well out of the box.

Cheers guys for an excellent forum.
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