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Whilst trying to fit my battery today which wasn't very succesful I noticed
that the fan on the back of the radiator was loose.

It seems like the fan is not even attached to the motor and can be moved
a couple of inches back and forwards and up and down.

This means that the car could possibly overheat due to the fan not working.
I can only presume that this will result in engine damage if the temprature
gets to high.

Is it an easy job to remove the fan assembly and will I have to replace my
coolant fluid as I will have to disconnect a couple of pipes or can I just top
it up after re-assembly.

Also is there a special bolts needed to re-attach the fan to the motor. I am going
to attempt to fix it tomorrow so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Can't b certain , but I don't think u'll b repairing that fan and motor , from memory the fan is a factory push fit onto the fan spindle and there is no way of repairing it without good workshop facilities.
Coolant can b topped up after removing hoses.

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Cheers for the info. I will dismantle the assembly tomorrow
to see if I can do anything but if it cannot be repaired any idea of
a source for a replacement and how much would it be.


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I managed to fix my fan today.

After disconnecting the coolant houses and the two screws that secure it I found that the fan was not even connected to the motor. The nut was missing. It has left some nasty fan blade marks on the back of the radiator but no serious damage.

I found that on on the back of the fan in the centre there is an alloy surround that the centre motor thread runs through. Half of the alloy surround has been sheared off due to it rubbing on the motor. I have managed to use a large washer and nut to re-secure the fan back on to the motor. The thread on the motor is a bit worn but i managed to get the nut to bite enough to secure it. I have also put some thread lock on the nut. The fan suffers from a bit of speed wobble but seems O.K.

I will have to keep an eye on it to ensure that it does not work loose again.

I would suggest all you EVO owners check yours as there was no reason for the fan to work loose and if I had not noticed it, it could have caused serious damage to the car.

Many thanks to the fellow members that replied to the thread.

Good luck


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Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Good advice for other EVO owners though - sounds like a new snag that may not have reared its ugly head before! :(
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