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Conventianal to HD

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Well ive just bought a Xbox and im well impressed with the quality of the graphics, i know though that im missing out on alot more because im just using my 42'' rear projection.

I just want to know from any one that has made the switch to LCD or plasma, Was it really worth it?
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most definately.hd is crisp,clear and sharp,great quality :)
Yes mate. I got a 32" hd lcd. The graphics from my 360 look the dogs. Well worth upgrading your telly, especially while the sales are on.
my mate has just got a samsung 32 for his 360, graphics are fantastic. just got my 360 but playing a 28 widescreen normal tv, no comparison at all. :mad:
It's a bit like comparing a PC plugged into a monitor and a TV if you've ever seen that. There's a huge difference, even more so with a large screen.
Cheers for that guys :D

Just gotta try and justify it to the missus now :crackup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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