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I have seen that in the UK very much emphasize is placed on replacing the conrod bolts when using a different ecu(like Ralliart's) on the Evo VI, why is this?
Are there any known cases of them failing, and if so, under what circumstances?
I have done extensive enquiring with all companies here in The Netherlands involved with Evo VI tuning and maintenance and all told me that they never change the conrod bolts and they know of no (tuned)engine ever failing as a possible result of a problem using the OE bolts.
I also spoke to a guy involved in our national rally championship using a Evo VI 295Bhp/520Nm and who is also maintaining several cars like this and he also told me he never changed the conrod bolts on any Evo.
He told me the only reason he could think of for changing the bolts on a road car might be a higher Rpm limit on a different ecu. This doesn't apply to the rallycars as they only go as far as 6000Rpm he told me.
Anyone who can give info on this, anyone know of engines failing with conrod bolt problems after tuning?
René Smeenk
The Netherlands
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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