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Last night booked up with Bookatrack for Colerne on 8 May only to be told today that it has been cancelled.

When I rang for an explanation I was advised that the circuit is now closed to all motorsport events because of complaints from neighbours.

Anyone else heard this or is it just Bookatrack cancelling because they can’t get enough places filled?

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This is true - residents complained, the venue shut down. Apparently complaints started even before the events did!!!

Go figure...

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Tony - Thanks for prompt response.

Pity, as I was looking forward to Colerne as it looked a good circuit.

I have shied away from race tracks and have only been looking for airfield sites (much less to hit when you come off!)

Tried Hulavington earlier this year, but thought that the main straights were a bit too long and not enough corners.

Anyone got any other recommendations for good airfield circuits, preferably in the south of England?

Many thanks

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Hullavington is one of the better airfields. They all have long straights, and ridiculously tight corners. Never any flowing fast corners - except for Colerne, which had natural corners.

To be honest, all trackday companies are finding it really hard to get airfield venues down south. Elvington is still very active up north. Bentwaters, Kemble, Wroughton, Colerne - none of these are running events anymore, only Hullavington.

You could try Llandow - circuit just near cardiff. Pretty safe. Infact most circuits are pretty safe. Problem with airfields is the tyre wear (and stonechips and mud) and the fact that it is hard to learn (no scenery etc.). A track is much more satisfying. I have never been off on all my track days - get good tuition and you won't come off, especially given the huge grip and EVO has - and you will enjoy the experience far more, with alot less wear and tear on the car.

Castle Combe is near you, and a great circuit. Llandow is worth a look too. Brands indy circuit isn't that far, and is a straightforward pretty safe circuit. Even Donington and Silverstone aren't that far.

You will get far more satisfaction learning a circuit, and learning to drive it fast. I too was nervous about it, but 12 circuit days later - I will never do an airfield again. I did Hullavington earlier this year just as a shakedown for the new bits on the car - still trying to get the crap off the underside of the car!

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bookatrack have NEVER cancelled any venue because of being undersubscribed.

Zippy, as for venues, i can highly recommend bentwaters airfield that has masses of runoff and lots of varying corners. What about Bedford, more run-off than you can shake a stick at. Also, BAT are doing silverstone in the summer which is arguably even safer - space at airfields is one thing but cars can dig into grass giving unpredictable results. There is a good argument for a decent circuit with good gravel traps as opposed to airfields. Having said that, imo you have to be going real silly to lose it and spin off at high speed in an evo.

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As Tony has already said Colerene was closed to motorsports before we even got there. We recieved a letter from a resident that had been distributed locally and by the tone of that letter it won't be long before Hullavington is closed as well.

We are always on the lookout for new venues, though the South is proving incredibly difficult. At the moment we have Llandow (Cardiff - circuit), Hethel (Norwich - Lotus test track), Castle Combe, Goodwood, Brands and amp; Silverstone. We also have the use of Bruntingthorpe.

There are some possibles that we need to take a look at in Devon, but not sure of suitability and if there's enough people down there !

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As Tony has already said Colerene was closed to motorsports before we even got there. We recieved a letter from a resident that had been distributed locally and by the tone of that letter it won't be long before Hullavington is closed as well.

Please, please, please post the text of that letter. Did they leave an e-mail address?



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The next southwest meet will be THROUGH colerne at least 6 times some nice twist roads from memory.
Fkin country folk, up their own arses ,I know cause I live in a village and they dont like it up em.lazy rich housewives and coffee mornings .Most of the local parish councilors have no road tax and drive **** heaps.
Makes my blood boil.

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I received an email this morning from Ed Moore containing an image of the anonymous letter to Colerne residents. Since it's clearly in the public domain I've uploaded it here.

As you can see the letter suggests that we and the trackday companies are all hooligans, an allegation you'd all no doubt like to refute! It's also clear from the letter that those organising the campaign are scanning websites like this and will use any abusive/potentially threatening posts to further their cause.

Could I suggest that anyone concerned write polite letters to the Commanding Officer at Colerne and to the Environmental Health Dept in Chippenham (both addresses are in the letter as local residents are being urged to write to them complaining).

Hope to see some of you guys later - about to pack my stuff into the car to leave for Castle Combe :D

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To all of you hooligans who can't read the gif image, I have re-typed it.

Just remember that these are the same residents who were campaigning to keep open the airfield to save local jobs and their community.

The same local residents who moved to the area long after Colerne became an operational airfield and experienced numerous take of and landings throughout the day and not of aircraft of all types.

NIMBY springs to mind!

Notice of Concern to all Residents

You may or may not be aware of the plans to significantly increase the number of car races and car events to be held at Colerne Airfield. In the past these events have always caused a noise disturbance, but were tolerable by some due to their infrequency.

The base is now allowing companies which provide what can only be described as "hooligan playgrounds" to use the airfield on a regular basis through the year both during the week and weekends. There are to be a significant number planned for the summer months and they are due to start soon. These events are where large groups (50 or more) of cars are driven by their owners at excessive speeds, sometimes with the exact purpose of causing spins and accidents.

One of these companies, Motorsport Events has already been causing considerable disturbance at another local airfield, Hullavington (Wilts.). Residents there from a large surrounding area are campaigning strongly to have these activities stopped since they started this year and the council is sympathetic. They describe these activities as "a living hell".

Reports are that tyre and engine noise can be heard constantly from 9.00am - 6.00 p.m. from as many as 5 miles away. There have also been reports of hooligan driving on local roads leading to several accidents.
Another company, Booktracks [sic] has recently been removed from Bentwater Airfield (Surrey) as a result of many complaints from as far as 10 miles away.

This is what Bentwater Airfield local *** had to say of them:
"the use of the former runway for motor sports by this apparent "company" has given rise to significant noise disturbance to local residents which is unacceptable. These hooligan drivers "pleasure" is a source of significant nuisance to very many people which the Council will not condone or tolerate".

Booktracks staff and amp; customers responded on their own website like this:

"f***ing residents2 and amp; "kill them off".

Many of your fellow residents are extremely concerned and we all need to act NOW to preserve your local environment and help the area remain free of this noise and disturbance. Road traffic and amp; accidents will no doubt increase as a direct result of these activities.

To help NOW before it is too late write or call with your protests to the following:

The Commanding Officer
Colerne Airfield
Colerne SN14 8QY
01225 745348

Environmental Health Services
North Wilts Council
Brookfield House
38 St. Pauls Road
SN15 1LJ
01249 706555

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What a bunch of tossers ,stuck up their own arses as said before.
Why should residents worry about those that choose to drive their cars in a pretty safe environment not endangering other motorists.
My local village has a carnival each year which causes havok, and what about the forth coming jubilee street parties that will shut village roads .
As long it benifits the local community no complaints there.
Collerne from memory is still an active base and so is hullavington so there must be some sort of noise disturbance generally.
Plus the Db level is set to a environmental acceptability.
Hullavington gets no through traffic as far as entrance to the airfield.
It took 18 months of negotiation to obtain Hullavington as a track day event ,Surely the MOD would have sought the feelings of residents and local council.

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Seems like a good idea to arrange a Bolney type meet in Colerne then doesn't it?????
It would be interesting to get 500|PLS| cars turning up and driving sedately through their little village proving that we aren't all hooligans.
After all, would they prefer it if we drove around the country lanes rather than going on track? Surely they should see it as a far safer and more controlled situation than getting a group of boy racers together and heading out around the countryside......
And as for the comment of 'driving with the exact purpose of causing spins and accidents'. I'm sorry but having spent close to £30k on a car, I don't think I would like to deliberately have an accident that writes off my car and has the potential to cause myself and other people injury.....
Bizarre way of looking at it.

Just my 2p worth

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