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Coilovers (Fun) or Forged (safety)

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I'm stuck between the 2 :eek:

Do I go for Coilovers to strengthen the grip, braking etc.. side of things or do I play it safe and forge the engine so she doesn't blow on me along with sorting a few other things for a little extra safety ie. fueling and that..

The only coilovers I would be interested in is the Exe-tc Fast road set-up, which would cost roughly £2000ish once fitted (About £2500ish With top mounts) And lets say a forged engine with some added fueling bits would about £2000 aswell... Would that sound about right? Please correct me if my estimates are way out!

Or maybe you have some other ideas? Say, if I were to have £2500 max to play with. - What would you do?


Cheers for any info - all appreciated!

Dan. :D
if it were me i would forge the engine if i could do it all over again i would have a manky looking forged engine lol
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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