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anyone recommend spring rates for an improvement over std (std and hks springs actually),whilst not needing the dentist weekly.
car is used in all weathers/conditions
i.e. fast road sunday mornings and morrisons friday afternoons with 4 brats in
also,which dampers would seem best value for money

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got the gear,Leda
just need some info on spring rates/lengths
feel free to reply

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I have Leda Oil suspension on my EVO 6, came standard with 2.5 350lbs 9 long springs front and 2.25 225lbs 10.5 Rear springs.
I found this set up far to soft especially the rear but still it was a huge improvment from standard.

I am now running 450lb front and 400lb rear with the dampers re-valved to race spec damping, this is very firm on the road but great on the track!
After experimenting with various spring rates I think a good compromise would be 375lbs front and 325lbs rear.

How you want the ride to be like is very personal so this is only a guide, good thing is that the springs are only £20ea and quick and easy to change.


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hi clive
im waiting till better weather before fitting,and doing my homework in the meantime,
plus my corner weight scales were last used on a model t so i need to buy/borrow a newer version
what ride height are you running ?

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have you fitted the leda stuff yet or are you waiting for the sub zero weather to stop? Doing brake/suspension work at these temperatures is a nightmare.

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no i suffer from winteritis,its too easy to peer (!) outside and think.....#### it !
its bad enough getting the brats motocrosser in and out and cleaned.
evo....boost turned down,spoiler up,bottom lip visible this time of year
still playing in the engine room though !!!!
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