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Clutch shudder!!!!

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My E6 has a terrible clutch shudder. It is fitted with the Ralliart competition 3 paddle clutch Part No. RA749921K2 and when fitted the flywheel was machined and all bearings etc. checked to be OK. An extra careful check was made because the car had a bad clutch shudder before the new clutch was put in. The strange thing is that the engagement seems inconsistent, sometimes the pedal starts engaging lower down with a howling/whining type of noise but the engagement is smooth. Other times the engagement is up a bit higher but almost shakes the car to pieces no matter how gentle one is. I have been in other E6s before with the same clutch and they are 100 times smoother than my E6. I wouldn't mind replacing the clutch if I knew it would fix the problem BUT seeing that it was this way before I don't want to go to the expense and bother if I don't know the root cause of the problem.

Can anyone shed some light on what my problem may be?
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I had the same problem on mine. Turned out to be an engine mount. Think about it!

Thanks for your reply. I have had someone else mention this to me as well so it looks like I will give it a try as it is the cheapest option to start with. Were your symptoms exactly the same as mine? ie. sometimes the engagement is OK but others (majority) it shudders very bad and very audibly?

Sounds like you need to bed-in your clutch properly!!
I've had a HKS super Twin paddle clutch and flywheel fitted to my car and had terrible engagement problems when changing down to 3rd or 2nd gear!, this was soon cured when I was told that I had not properly bed-in my clutch.
To do this I had to do standing starts, by revving the car to 5000rpm and then dump the clutch and WWwHhEEeeeeeeeee.
You will have to do this several times, waiting until the clutch is cooled down between each standind starts ( although I did mine once each day ) until the clutch gradually became smoother to engage. You will be able to notice the difference after a couple of starts and be able judge after a while, that the clutch is suitabily bedded-in!:):D
I hope this is of help to you, because I feel much happier with my clutch now, and my wife doesn't nag about it any more!:)

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