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Any of you 1800 GSR or Evo1-3 owners ever have problems with the clutch pedal creeking ?. It makes a clicking sound which can be felt in the pedal at the start of it's stroke and also when letting the pedal back up. Had a look under the dash to see if anything was loose and also sprayed all links with WD40 but noise is still there. It's very annoying esp in traffic. Clutch operation is fine otherwise.

Any ideas?;)

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Yes !
Mine started to do this not long after I got it. Didn;t think much of it..

Then (as ever) I started to have problems. The clutch pedal started to feel heavier and heavier. After checking the mounting I noticed it was flexing the firewall the master cylinder mounts on. I'd read about this on the SGR_EVO group and they strengthen the firewall but that didn;t seem right to me - why was it gettign stiffer.

I thought it needed lubricating - I tried that but had no effect. Its not a cable clutch so the cable was not at fault.

I'd done about 15000-20000 miles by now.

Then, the day before I go to Le mans, the clutch suddenly became very hard to control, and the pedal had about 1 inch of movement ! And I was stuck about 30 miles from home. I got it home with no cluthc and went straight to the place that service the car hoping for a quick fix.
I was lucky. They had seen this problem before on another early Evo they service.

The clutch pedal arm had broken the brakets it mounts/pivots on. This was the orginal source of the creaking -the bracket flexing. When that got very weak was the point where the pedal presure started to flex the firewall.
It took them 30 minutes to weld the braket back together (in situ).

Its been fine since.
I suggest you check out for any signs of flexing.breakage on the clutch pedal mounting.


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Cheers Tony ;),

Sounds like the problem alright:(, I'll take a look tomorrow with MIG welder and a fire extinguiser and the ready!. Can the offending bracket be removed for repair or is it too much trouble?.
Anyway thanks again;)

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I presume it can be removed, but mine was done in situ. I don;t know much more as I got to the garage at 12:00 and was setting off for Le mans that afternoon so I wasn't in a very good mood.
I basically shoved the car in the garage and stormed around in a ####ed-off huff !

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