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Clutch going again

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Looks like my clutch is on the way out again.. its a std Evo6 clutch replaced 3000 miles ago... now i dont drive hard so it may be a clutch fault.. but thinking shall i get a different clucth now like an AP or shall i just get another Evo6 std one...

What are peoples thoughts??? don't really wanna spend more than the original part !!!!


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Jase, do you want a cheap std clutch? I have my old one which has loads of life left in it still!

Do you a cheap deal m8!
Cheers for the offer Tony,

Hopefully i wont be footing the bill for this... dealer can cough up as the clutch has only done 3000 miles in 5 months !!! just kinda wondering if i wantto go upgrade sooner rather than later

Ok the dealer have now said that i must pay for the new clutch which they tell me has gone after 3-4000 miles...

2 questions...

1) has anybody else had a std clutch go so quickly.. i dont track day just normal road driving...

2)Surely there must be a warranty on a new clutch.... std part..

if anybody from ralliart is reading this.. would love to know your thoughts coz if i am going to have to spend 500 quid on a new clutch every 4000 miles you can have your car back !!!

An unhappy Jevo
Jase - told you, I got a standard clutch! Good nick too - do you a good deal.

I know what a haggling bugger you are, so just make me a decent offer, ok?

Done about 4000 miles - never dumped, only smooooooth changes!

You can inspect etc. no probs.

You are forever the sales man ha ha... IF i do need a new clutch AND i have to pay for it i reckon gonna go down the AP route... the point is i'm not happy that after 4000 miles of granny driving its gone belly up... surely this should not happen ???

I know exactly how feel, the first clutch I ever had changed in my E4 lasted about the same time as yours. The garage that did the work didn't want to know (b******s) so took the car to Steve Hill Motorsports and when they took the old clutch out half of it was wrecked the other half hardly used, it had just been fitted badly. Needless to say the fly wheel was shot too. I get about 15k - 20k miles out of a clutch, but do know of clutches being worn out in less than 5k miles although you do need to try drive like an absolute **** for that to happen.

Perhaps your flywheel is damaged or worn, this can kill a clutch real quick too. Was it changed with the new clutch?


As far as i can tell the clutch was fitted about 5 months ago when the dealer had to rebuild the gearbox to fix the input shafts problem that HH6 is having... whilst they had the box out they put a new clutch in....

I'm not totally convinced its th clutch.. as the real problem is that sometimes when i have come to a halt and go to put the car into first there is a clunk underneath towards the back.. more of a clunk as if something is moving maybe transmission or diff.. but not being a mechanic i'm having to believe them in that its the clutch.. not had and clutch slippage either to indicate worn out !!

Maybe i need to get an independant chap to look at it... where are those guys you mentioned based ?

Jase - you can have the clutch mate, don't you get it???? FREE!!!

As for clutches - my M5 clutch went after 4500 miles, taking out the gearbox and flywheel! *******!!!

That, however, was covered under warranty - so I think they are taking the #### out of you here..


Steve Hill Motorsports are in Long Crendon, Bucks. half way between High Wycombe and Oxford. Don't know the number, but it is on another thread somewhere.

Surely your clutch must be under warranty after 4k miles! Sue the buggers (or threaten to, this usually is enough). I would have thought an average evo clutch should last 30-40k!

trouble is that there's all sorts of weasel words in the warranty. Can't remember details but I'm pretty sure that the clutch is excluded. There was also a clause saying that CCC have the ultimate say on whether warranty covers things.

The only angle you might try is to grovel basely or create a bit of a scene on a busy showroom day. the trouble is that its possible to knacker the clutch after 5k miles with loads of racing starts and how do you prove to the dealer that you haven't done that?
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