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Hi guys,
After buying a new AP Organic clutch from yellow 5,I have booked my car in to my local garage for the clutch swap.
The garage isnt a top notch tuning firm,just a guy i have trusted with my Evo 4 and other high performance cars i have had over the last few years.
What i'm wondering is ,is the clutch swap a very difficult job?
I have read somewhere that some cars(GTi-R) need the engine removing to do the job.These are meant to be a right bugger to do,But on the other hand i've heard that Nissan Skylines arnt so bad to do!

Could any of you give me a quick rundown on what is involved in changing a clutch on a Evo 4?Anything to watch out for?
The guy thats doing the change hasnt done a Evo clutch before,so any tips that i could give to him would be very helpful.

Thanks for your time.

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