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Hi guys,
With regard to some of the questions regarding a clunking noise from the front diff/suspension when on lock, I have recently been a victim of this expensive sounding noise.But, this only appeared following some body repairs.
The senarios is this, after an allocation with a rather solid piece of metalwork that jumped out in front of me in the ice n snow I sent my car to a bodyshop for the wing n bumper and intercooler to be fitted and painted, While it was there I figured a Geometry check would not come amiss , I gave them the settings I wanted to have on the car.The car was returned to home on wednesday night looking all pristine again.
As I was in Germany for three days the loss of the car was not a problem, but while driving back I recieved a call from her indoors saying the Evo had just tried to kill her, of course I thought female overkill (driver) and told her not to be so silly.

Anyway to cut a long story a little shorter, As it was late Thurday night when I got back I did not look at the car other than a cursory torchlight look at the paint job. Friday morning came along ( very early very foggy and very dark) and we set off on our trip to the Racing Car Show,First couple of miles told me the car felt very darty and rear impact harshness was very noticable, ok I thought a little bit too much toe in !!!
Then the M1, not a lot of a problem there other than tram lining but again thought a little to much toe in, got to NEC and turned into car park and Bloody hell CRUNCH, CRUNCH, KNOCK, KNOCK, BANG BANG. Lots of noises at very low speed on Left hand lock.
Parked up and got under the car to have a look, nothing to see. ok I thought a slow ride home is required here !!!!.
Went back to the body shop this morning and rechecked the Geometry. Guess what ? the guy at the bodyshop had set the toe in using DEGREES not MM so i had a rear toe in of approx 12mm instead of 1.5mm and a front toe in of 10mm instead of 1mm.
Test drive showed NO dartyness NO impact harshness and NO noises.

Moral of this story ................ (a) make sure the guys doing the job know the equipment (ie new machine 1 day old )
(b) if you have noise fron the diffs or suspension get the tracking checked , LSD's are noisy when they need to work and AYC is electronic and will try and correct a imballance no matter what the reason.

best regards,
Low flying exocet Pilot, Timspeed

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Blimey! Sounds more like 'foot in' than 'toe in'.
Plated diffs are noisey in their use but the front LSD option fitted to the Evo in the factory is helical and is not naturally noisey in operation. If you get a symptom like a worn CV joint on the front then it will usually be the CV joint or the diff but always check all possibilties.

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Yes I agree the LSD fitted to the E6 is a helical, but the point I was trying to make is that, if the alignment is incorrect the diff will ramp up and create noise in the suspension/drive train. Thus giving cause for a possilble missleading diagnosis.
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