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About a month ago, while driving my E6 (TME) with 5 people inside
I noticed a clunking noise on (slightly) fast corners. After a while
the noise developed to a very loud enough, almost like a free playing
exhaust does when hitting the chassis. The noise fully dissapeard after
1-2 days of normal use. The problem is that it recently started again while
driving with four people in the car (started on fast corners again and remaining
for the rest of the drive, noticeable even with small bumps).

It seems to me like the noise comes from the front left wheel and I suspect a worn bush.

Any ideas are welcome as the car is due to its next service ?



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Doesn't help here, but I have a clunking/creaking sound from the rear left ober bumps, large or small, any ideas??

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Look at the anti roll bar bushes, they have been known to pop out. Also check the struts for play.
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