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Hey team,

Hopefully this is the right place to ask this:-

Is cleaning the projector lenses on HID lights a thing? I had my lights apart to paint the housings black, and noticed what looks like a wipe mark on one of the projectors after I put them back together.

Upon closer inspection it looks like the rest of the lens around that mark is actually quite cloudy, and may be part of the reason why my light output isn't as great as it should be.


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Entirely possible, I haven't needed to check the bulbs since I bought the car from the last owner.

I take it I'm OK to wipe down those lenses with a microfibre cloth though?
The dark spot you see is where the bulb sits.

The white milky looking part is just a reflection through the glass lens of the projector of the chrome of the projector bowl.

pretty classic sign of overheating

Good news is any LHD or RHD HID projector you can use for the part you need to replace.

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