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Does anyone know if there is anyway of checking the wastegate. I have an early Evo and seem to have the common problem of 'Fuel Cut'

I have read many many threads and come to the conclusion it is possibly the actuator.

Is there anyway at all of checking the actuator to see how it is (or how bad) it is working.

My car is only running at .5 bar still suffering with fuel cut, any reasons why...?

The fuel cut only happends when the car has been driven for an hour or more and also if less than 1/4 of tank of fuel left.

Many thanks,

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When the actuator fails, the condition is usually one of overboosting that causes fuel cuts. If you are cutting at low boost the problem may be else where.

When was the fuel filter last replaced ?

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One of our first decisions was to change the fuel filter, to which we did, slight difference, fuel treatment, again only a slight difference.

Does anyone think it because the car maybe over boosting? But the fuel cut is not always present (only around 70% of the time)

I have also read the threads on the weather sometimes having something to do with it, I do live on a side of a mountain in Wales and possibly it is colder than the cities etc...

Also I seen a good point in a recent thread regarding engine tappets, tapping away, possible this is correct, that if the car is parked on a hill etc. the tappets (and associates) are drained of oil and thus once the car is first started the engine is alittle tappety (putting it nicely). I live on a hill/mountain and have noticed this. I have now tested the theory and I am 90% sure this is one of the problems with noisy tappets.

I would appreciate any help with this fuel cut problem, cos its dam embarrassing when you put your foot down and are stopped in your tracks.

Hey Summers coming...!!!

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do you actually have a boost gauge? if its over boosting you will see this if you have one

if it only does it when the tank is nearly empty, then there is another filter on the pump itself which may be blocked or the pump might be faulty, hook up a fuel pressure gauge (your garage may have one they can lend you) and put your foot down and see if the pressure drops.

also could be a lot of water in the tank that sits on the bottom due to contaminated fuel

could also be electrical, check battery leads etc, faulty air flow meter, ecu fault, cranks sensor, the list goes on

fuel looks most likely so more checks here first

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