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Central Florida Turbo friend or Foe

Cental Frorida Turbo Friend or Foe Yesterday, 06:10 AM #1


As many of you know CFT is about the most popular 4wd Dyno and tuning shop in Orlando FL . I own the yellow evo with the rally vynals on it found at cardomain and well recently we did a dyno as you seen on the video, which for some reason they took it down.

that same day they had replaced the transfer case gear lube with motor oil. thats right motor oil...

what moron would confuse motor oil with gear lube

anyhow the Transfer case was sent to TRE (Team Rip Engineering) which is a group that specializes in 4wd trans. the outcome was the diag shown a postive indication that the wrong lubrication was used cuasing the case to grind and howl (i will scan the paper notifying this indication).

I procceded to speak with javier (CFTtec) then he said " Talk to Rolo" therefore I spoke with Rolo about this matter he told me I have to take the matter with the tech and he isnt responsible for anything with this situation. So I spoke with the tech and he bluntly told me "I dont have 3,000 to pay for your transfer case".

I realize how unproffesional these people are. No Customer Services,unexperienced, and irresposible. They were not intrested in having an evo project, they were intrested in my money for the project, also the fact that im well known through out the town as the owner of proccolino's and the ex owner of soprano's pizzeria.

make a long ass story short... CFT is not a shop worth trusting with your hard earn money. If the tech is gonna do whatever wants I dunno who is the boss there. I advise you to shop around there are many other shops such as aerocomp, titan, and Gato Performance. If you do decide to go to CFT please take careful watch to what they do with your car and money.

everyone go to
PS; Popular because of the location!!!!!!!!!!
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