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Has anyone tried coating the tops of their pistons and/or their combustion chambers with one of these ceramic coatings?

There seems to be bonuses all round -
1. Decrease thermal load on the pistons thus increased longevity
2. Increase in thermodynamic effeciency of the combustion chamber obviously leading to more power.
3. Increased gas velocity due to extra heat retained (versus in in your pistons, head....radiator..etc.)

The only worry is that I imagine with the increased heat during the combustion process there could be a possibility of detonation at previously run ignition advances.

Any experience or comments?

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Apparently CTG of Banbury have launched a revolutionary ceramic treatment for piston crowns.
CTG's Keronite piston crown treatmentis claimed to offer a number of advantages over hard anodising, plasma-sprayed
coatings and other processes.
After rigorous rally testing the benefits claimed are-

*Immunity to detonation, allowing ignition to be advanced

*Extreme surface hardness,preventing the metal from degradation and premature softening

*Excellent thermal barrier protection, reducing the under-crown piston temp by an average of 60 degrees C

*Superb adhesion properties, improving reliability

*Dramatic reduction of carbon build up

It costs from £25 per piston.

CTG's number is 01295 220130 or

Hope this is of help to you.


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I was thinking they were fore the bikes or something but couldn't work it out. Put it down to sleep deprevation and the stress of becoming a dad again!

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didn't they try ceramic coatings in fracing and then stopped b'coz they came off and knackered the engine? Don't sound too good for a road car.
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