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Welcome to 2015 Everyone.

Here is hoping to another good year on the MLR. My first year as RO and I

intend to make it a good one.

This is only possible with all of yous and we have a good group who regularly

attend meets and shows but lets see some new faces/cars also this year.

From the newbie threads we have a lot of new members turning up with some

really nice evos. Get them to shows, meets, events, rr days :).

Meets planned for 2015 so far are:

**Meet and Lunch in Dumfries**
Date 22 febuary @ 1pm

**Scottish Rage Buggy @ Fast Trax**
Date.....Sunday 29th March

**Scottish RR day @ PHQ**
Date......Saturday 11th April

***Scottish Showcase Meet***
Date...Sunday 26 April 2015

**Fife Leisure Park**
Date... Sunday 31st May

**Scottish BBQ Meet @ Strathy Park
Date... Sunday "8th June

**Japshow @ Santa Pod**
Date... Sunday 5th July

**Scottish Car show @Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston**
Date ..... Sunday July 19th 2015

**SLS Finale and N/A Nonsense Racing Show**
Date... 20th September 2015

Any other events or shows yous would like to attend give me a pm or email or Davie and we will see what we can do:smthumbup

Any help, suggestions or support you can give would be gratefully received.
Look forward to seeing you all in the new year

Kind Regards

Davy and Davie

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Have a couple of other meets getting planned soon,

Fife meet, Borders meet and maybe another BBQ meet since last time they were good, Anyone any suggestions on a couple of dates that people have free and we can see if can work them so we all make them.
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