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Can anyone recommend a reasonable CCTV system that uses DVR and CCD or CMOS cameras?

I want a pair of cameras that will work day and night and provide a picture that I can use to identify someone at a distance of around 10M.

The recorder needs to be able to work for around 12 hours, preferably motion switched and with a SD card slot so that I can remove it and open the files on my computer.

Have had a few problems recently with

A) someone letting their rhino sized dog **** on my front garden, 3 times.

B) someone messing around with my work van, writing things on the back. ("clean me" is fine, "I wish my missus' **** was this dirty" gets me in trouble at work)

C) last night someone went through my bins, wedged a load of my rubbish in the wheelarches on my van and then laid the bins up against the bootlid of my evo, and with how windy it has been I am worried it may have scratched the paint.

So any advice on a reasonably priced system would be great :smthumbup
1 - 4 of 4 Posts