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I have put a call in to one of my customers regard carbonfibre bonnet/rear spoilers for E6.
If anyone intrested reply to the thread.
I am waiting on prices / pictures at the mo but i might get a deal if i tell him i want a few more!
The spoiler i have asked him for is two bits.... either just the fin or the whole shooting match.


I have found a man who can make just about anything from carbon/kevlar that you could wish for!
What would you have made from this stuff?
Apparently almost anything is 'do-able' for this guy, the expensive part is the first mould then reasonable after that!

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there is carbon, and there is carbon.

Proper pre-peg carbon on a large panel is like a bonnet is never rigid enough, and needs to be reinforced with FRP or Kevlar. Otherwise it will be floppy!

Monster do two carbon bonnets in japan - FRP reinforced and pure carbon - 4.9kg saving on the FRP reinforced one (recommend for street use) and 7.4kg saving on the pure carbon one (recommended for racing only)

Boot is FRP reinforced (has to be) and that is 7.7 kgs lighter than standard.

There will be very little gain from the front wings, FRP ones weigh as much as the ally ones on the six anyway. Carbon coverings will do little to reduce that.

Doors will need to be Kevlar or FRP.

Prospeed will do a full bodkit in Kevlar, incl bonnet, boot, front and rear bumpbers, doors, skirts and front wings. $3,000
30-40kgs saving - easy to paint

Carbon will be 50-60kgs and very expensive to paint, requires alot of prep work to get a smooth surface. Probably

Carbon similar cost to Kevlar

Suggest the Prospeed stuff sounds good and reasonable price. Not enough weight saving IMHO. Pure carbon stuff will be cripplingly expensive.

Rear spoiler fin can already be got from Rallytech.

Carbon and Kevlar only really make sense when mixed with Lexan to get 100kgs|PLS| weight off the car. Problem is, you don't want that on a road car - lexan scratches so easy. Carbon not too good in an accident either...

Insurance nightmare too.

Sorry, didn't mean to get you down :(

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I have friends who have gotten the Monster carbon fibre bonnet and bootlid. Amazingly light compared to the standard bits, but definitely on the delicate side. The racing model is too easily damaged when you use the standard bonnet stay. And it's scary to push the bonnet down while shutting it, as you can hear the carbon creaking and flexing.

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Thats ok blade

Ill let everyone know you were the lucky winner on my lucky pants :D

Feeling better already.

These bits are from Japan, dont know who made by or cost or quality, wait and amp; see first

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I wonder if Ron Dennis knows he can stiffen up his F1 tubs with a bit of FRP and improve their resistance to a shunt ;)

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Err, Nelly - you answered the question yourself there.

A tub or monocoque provides strength and rigidity from the shape. A flat panel is a flat panel. That is why frp is often used to reinforce carbon on flat panels.

An F1 tub bears no resemblance to an EVO.
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