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Carbon Fibre Plug and Cam cover

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Made by F-Carbon, who are an OE manufacturer for BMW (but don't let that put you off:))

These are 100% Carbon fibre in a high gloss gel coat finish.

Designed to be a simple 10 minute bolt on fit, no drilling, filing spindling, folding or otherwise mutilating required.

Normal (very competitive) prices are

Carbon Fibre Plug Cover - Normal Price £89.99
Carbon Fibre Cam Cover - Normal Price £89.99
Delivery - £7.60 next day
So price for both would normally be £187.58 delivered to mainland UK

Now the good news. Both of these parts, delivered, tax paid.


10 sets needed to make this extremely good price and delivery will take another 2-3 weeks after payment.

These only come as a set, please don't ask if you can have one or the other, you cannot (but might be worth starting a thread in non-lancer seeing if others want the other bit?)

Shiny carbon names below.
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Would expect so mate, the plug cover definitely will.
Well I still have quite a lot sitting there waiting for despatch so need you kind guys and glas to give me a buzz as soon as possible so I can get them out.

I will order next batch but manufacturer very busy so we are looking at a 4 week lead time possibly.

I Like the coloured bolts mate, are they available in other colours and where did you get em?
Hi guys,

We are still in posession of 6 sets of these, please could anyone that still wants one get in touch or i will start selling them to the reserve list.

I have already let one go to Sussex Reims as this was the one that was meant for R-Jay but he has kindly advised that he doesnt need them. If you need to back out then dont be shy just let me know as i'll sell em anyway. :)

Kind Regards,
Stakka, Judlad, Allan5 and MarkFTO Pm's sent to you all :D

I am letting these go guys I now have only 2 left.

If you miss out of the GB then I can always get more but I want to clear this batch first.

All gone!!! :D :D

If any of the names on the list that didnt get their bits still want them then I will honour the price from the next load.

You will know who you are :)

Plug cover will mate, cam cover wont as the 9 has an extra bulge (ooh err) for the Mivec.

Hi mate,

We offer the MLR 10% off the RRP for these so if you bought the pair it would cost £161.98

Delivery is about £7.25

In stock for immediate delivery :D

Kind Regards,
1 - 10 of 114 Posts
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