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Thanks to that nice chap Linfo at Carbon Goodies, you lucky people have the chance to buy probably the best carbon fibre mirrors currently available. They're made by Rallytech and are available for Evo 4 to Evo 9. :coolsm:

RRPs are: Evo 4/5/6; £365.00 + £15 UK delivery Evo 7/8/9; £475.00 + £15 UK delivery

The MLR GB price offers members a great saving on RRP - but we need to get a minimum of 10 orders in total (ie: 5 of each type) to get them at these prices :)

Evo 4/5/6 - £300.00 + £15 UK delivery
Evo 7/8/9 - £350.00 + £15 UK delivery

The Group Buy will run until end of January, so please add your name below and which type of mirror you need. When we have 10 names, Linfo will contact you for payment and delivery details.

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you think so ?

i like the idea of carbon wing mirrors but i wouldn't want to lose the electrically adjustable and folding capabilities

and looking at the standard colour coded surrounds on my 8 MR i thought it would not be a big problem for someone to make carbon surrounds

oh well

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