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never been car jacked,however i did have a wanted ad in the loot
for a set of speedline alloys for my type ra impreza i used to own,
a mush from keighley west yorkshire phoned ,said he had what i
needed, told me a price ,sorted somewhere to meet and off i went
the next day.
had a funny feeling though,so decided to take protection along.
good job and all ,mush took me to his lockup and said "give us t'
brass and i'll get yer wheels" to which i politely replied no .
i wanted to see the wheels and then pay up,anyway he threatend me to which i took offence,jumped out the car with my
protection and the git legged it sharpish.on the long drive home
i wonderd what if he was tooled up, or had half a dozen mates turn up,so now i dont deal with withheld phones or meeting
people at a land mark and following them back, just not worth it....
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