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Just had my ARP bolts fitted, as a precaution. I'm one of those panicky buggers. If it needs uprating I NEED IT. As I'm looking at tuning it at the turn of the year.

Could someone enlighten me on cams. I see RC Developments are doing Cam changouts..HKS jobs... I understand this will alter the way the engine delivers power, torque...etc, but what benefits are there. Will there be more torque lower down? What are the usual characteristics and amp;lt;sp? and amp;gt; of upgrade cams. I also follow the understanding of having the mapping correct as well.

Eventually downloaded the mpgs on the diff between std TME and the fully loaded Cusco E6. Very impressive.


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Fitting cams with more lift and duration will shift the powerband upwards.

A popular combination that works well on evo's seems to be 272inlet and 264exhaust.

To give you a rough idea of the end result, instead of having insane power at 3000 revs
like the stock car, one with the above cams would hit hard about 500revs later (about 3500 revs),
and pull much harder all the way to the red line (and beyond!). Your probably looking at about
25bhp more at the top end.

This is not ideal if you do a lot of twisty country lane blasting (like me); but for any other use,
including track days, id say go for it....

Other downside is the car wont idle quite so nicely (doesnt bother most).

If you have a mappable ECU, you can run a little more ignition advance below 3500revs
to part compensate for the loss of mid-range from fitting the cams.

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Thanks, that's the sort of info I was looking for. Probably way down the line after 'basic' mods completed.
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