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welll err..

i hope u know what ya getting yaself into lol...

anyway prob best to jack the car up on the side the cambelt is on. .take the wheel off and all the pastic cowling so u can see the side of the engnie.. then take off all the plastic covering for the cambelt and stuff...

now assuming the evo is like most cars the cambelt will have a tensioner.. u can usually slacken this off by using a spanner and pusing it one need to undo the bolt though.... belt should now come off...

thats the basics really but there is probally loads of stuff u will have to take off before hand with the evo.. balance shaft belt way have to come off im not sure... as i have never done a cambelt on the evo..

Also getting the cambet back on in the right place is a fine art and unless u know what your donig probally not a good idea...
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