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Japracer, I've been talking to TorqueIC just now and ordered the A-Pillar mounting pod. I was hanging on until the revised version with the clips came along but as I've still got this fuel-cut problem I had to plumb for the ones that need stuck up. How did you mount yours mate?

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Mounting pods

I have removed the OE item, put the new one in its place.
Used sickaflex to hold it in place if you are not thinking of removing it in a hurry.
I only used a dop of it and amp; it held it but I have to removed the oil temp gauge as it is faulty so the one dop is fine at the mo.
I have also bought some hardcore velco which I was assured would hold it in place for ever and amp; a day.
Once I have replaced the gauge ill try the velcro if not ill go back to the sickaflex stuff

I dont know if that is the correct spelling but any body repair shop will have some, the use it for fitting panels/trim which you dont want to come off.
I also toyed with the idea of placing the new one over the OE and amp; making a hole in the OE to accept the leads.
Once I have done it ill let you know, but if like me you cant wait to install them the velcro seems the way to fly!

Hope this helps
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