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I have been looking through the online sales catalogue and its wetted my appetite sufficiently that I may possibly pop along this Sunday for a look.

They have a couple of historic rally cars including a rare 1970 works development Mk1 Escort (Twin Cam) and a 169bhp 1965 Lotus Cortina Mk1. (both way out of my price range :()

Other cars of note:
AC 3000ME (the exact same one I saw in Autotrader a month ago for £6000!) 1 of only 82 ever built (easy servicing as it uses a Ford V6)
A few E-types
Mini Cooper 1275S
Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 (with RHD conversion)
Lancia Fulvia Coupe (thats what I am particularily interested in)
Lotus Cortina Mk1 (road car this time)
Triumph TR6, 4A, 3A, Stag, GT6 and amp; Spitfire
A load of Jag saloons
Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio MY1988 (1 of only 27 RHD Turbo Cabrio produced)
GT40 replica (Chevy powered)
2 Aston Martin V8's
Lotus Elan S4 Dhc

Viewing is on Sunday with the sale on Monday and its all at:
BCA Auction Centre, Blackbushe Airport, Blackwater, Camberley,
Surrey, GU17 9LG for more details

Just thought it may be of interest to some people instead the new Jap crap we run about in ;)
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