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I have sort of commited to buying a camper van in Munich Germany but I am living most of the time in Vienna Austria, although I return monthly to Edinburgh! I wish to keep the vehicle in Vienna certainly for the short term future.

So I thought simply keep it reged in Munich and obtain number plates. Seems this is not so easy..The more I look into it, the crappier it all becomes between Gov Admin and insurance companies.

Here are the options as I see them:

a) keep in reged in Munich, use friends address but keep vehicle in Vienna.
b) reg the vehicle in Austria but lots of hassle to drive it over border (special plates) and lot of crap to register it plus TAX - they have a NOVA tax based on engine size and I think it is around 10% of the new vehicle value?
c) reg in the UK but need to convert vehicle to UK standards but then insurance companies will not insure it for more than 30 days out the UK a year.

The way I am reading this is fuc$ed, fuc$ed and fuc$ed but there must be someway to have an easier life. "All" I want to do is to pick up a vehicle which is currently legal in Germany with all stickers/documentation and take into Austria for 6-12 months and then maybe into the UK next year. My concern now is getting the vehicle and insuring it.

Any thoughts?
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