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An interesting day... Lots of cars participated, including an F40, a Ferrari 348, Honda NSX, Mitsi GTO, Nissan Skyline and Pulsar, lots of small, lighweight cars, a TVR Griffith Twin Turbo, lots of GT40's, some american things with 6.3 litre engines and the Chrylser PT Bruiser Drag car with 1200bhp!

At the end of the day though, I was quite impressed that an EVO VI (the one with the wheels similar to the ones on the Extreme) out accelerated most things (including a works prepared 993 Porsche) and did a 12.61 second time. Not bad! :):)

Maddest things of the day were the Dax Rush that had phenomenal grip off the line, the Gartrac Escort that ran a 10.65 quarter mile, and the nitrous powered Suzuki Drag bike that ran a 9.25 second time with a terminal speed of 167mph!
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